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Auto Mouse Click 5.0

Auto Mouse Click is a utility that allows you to automate mouse-clicks
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Auto Mouse Click is a tiny utility that allows you to automate computer mouse clicks. You can make this program perform left, right, double clicks, etc. on any part of the screen. The exact point is identified using the X and Y coordinates.

The program works very similar to macros you can create in MS Office. There is a list of actions, where you can add commands, like Begin and End Dragging, Capture Screenshot, Right Click, and Move Mouse. For each action, you should define an X and Y position of the screen, a delay in milliseconds, and the number of repetitions. To get the X and Y coordinates, you can hit the Pick button and click anywhere on the screen. After adding the required commands, use the Start button to run all the actions in a sequence.

You can reorder the actions using the Move Up and Down keys. Auto Mouse Click also allows you to save the list of actions in a file. It has its own script file format with MAMC extension.

Considering all these features, I think this program would be useful for those who want to perform the same functions repeatedly using a mouse.

Zack Martin
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