Auto Mouse Click

Auto Mouse Click 99.1

Automate sequences of mouse clicks and gestures

Avoid manually performing various repetitive actions with the mouse controller. Generate automated sequences of various actions such as right clicks, left clicks, movements and positioning of the cursor in the required position, etc. Customize and remove actions from any sequence.

Repetitive mouse tasks can be not only tedious to repeat but also difficult to reproduce with the required accuracy. Auto Mouse Click has been designed to save you time and to reproduce a specific set of actions in the exact same position and always according to your preferences. You can save any number of mouse actions as a macro or “script” and execute it again when needed.

Auto Mouse Click is actually much more than just a macro-recording tool for your mouse clicks, and that transpires clearly from the complexity of the program’s interface and settings windows. The number of options you can choose from and the long list of actions that the program can perform for you when reproducing your scripts may be overwhelming at first. Though the developer offers useful and clear instructions on how to make the most of this tool, it does require a steep learning curve to be able to maximize its potential.

The easiest thing is probably to set up a shortcut for the current cursor position, information that can be very useful when creating your own scripts. Recording a macro or a script is fairly simple – just click on the Start button, perform the mouse actions that you wish to repeat later, and then click on the Stop button. The program will record not only the position of your mouse clicks, but also the type (the button you clicked), and the delay in between clicks. You can add a Repeat Count value to determine the times you want the program to execute the macro for you. All of these values are configurable, and you can fine-tune them manually for higher accuracy.

The program allows you to add different actions to your scripts, such as a “Cursor back” command to send the cursor to its original position, as well as any of the “visible actions” provided in its extensive library. Thus, you can include on your scripts actions like “Show Desktop”, “Release Keyboard Key”, “Begin Dragging / Left Button”, “Ctrl + Right Click”, or launch an app of your choice, to name but a few.

Auto Mouse Click is certainly a powerful tool that, if used wisely, not only can save you the tedious task of performing the same mouse clicks in the same positions again and again, but it also guarantees that the desired clicks are performed in the exact positions and with the exact time intervals that your task requires. When accuracy and precision are of the essence, Auto Mouse Click is probably your best choice when automating your mouse actions.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Record macros for repetitive mouse actions
  • Includes a set of scripts for common actions
  • Define accurate coordinates for mouse actions
  • Choose a hotkey to display the cursor position


  • Requires a steep learning curve
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